Success in the staffing industry requires identifying and delivering temporary employees who have the skills our clients require and the professional attitude that they deserve. Here is how we accomplish these critical goals.

1)      Hire: the most qualified temporary associates available

2)      Identify: the client’s needs

3)      Fulfill: the client’s needs by matching the client with the ideal talented associate(s)

4)      Follow up: to ensure that the client’s needs were fully met


Due to our numerous years of experience in providing successful temporary placements, our list of satisfied clients continues to increase. We have a broad and extensive database of employee associates trained to meet the growing need for a supplemental workforce. Our unique process of proactive recruiting, screening, and training enables us to provide the best candidates possible to our clients.


The highly-qualified temporary associates we provide are equipped with skills ranging from basic clerical duties, such as light typing and detailed data entry to more complex executive duties, including sales, marketing and promotions. In addition to providing clients with associates who have a full suite of Sales abilities, Launchpad Offroll Services also provides alternative office support personnel, hospitality industry personnel, and paralegals.


Once you have identified the skill-set that your open position requires, we begin looking for the perfect match for you and your team. The résumés we submit to you are carefully selected based upon specific criteria. In addition to screening our associates based upon his or her abilities, we complete various background checks, and verify his or her professional and educational background.


We understand that the temporary staffing process does not end once the placement is made. That is why we include follow-up procedures as part of every one of our client contracts. From the initial day of their temporary assignment, we follow our associates’ progress to ensure their continued success. Our staff is available 24/7 should any concerns arise.